Jill Heinerth Talks Adventure with Suunto

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We Are Water Reaches Listeners in UK

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SuuntoUKTeamJill Heinerth recently returned from the UK after making a series of talks that included spreading a water literacy message through her We Are Water Project. Heinerth spoke at numerous diving clubs and venues and also a group at Portsmouth IBM called Connecting Women. Jill’s trip was sponsored by Suunto UK who have been incredibly supportive of the We Are Water Project. Shown here: The Suunto UK Team and supporters from the inland dive site Wraysbury Dive Center.

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What’s Your Adventure?

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I’m very proud to be featured in Suunto’s new adventure video!

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Algorithm Comparisons

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Matching Your Backup Computer to Your Rebreather

If you are like me, you might have a backup CCR computer that is loaded with a different algorithm that your rebreather. Owning more than one rebreather, I want to know that the algorithm is a reasonably close match for each unit. Ryan Crawford from the UK has made some comparison profiles on different algorithms to help CCR divers see how different computer algorithms match up on different rebreathers. The comparisons are made to a depth of 45m so that air is used as the diluent. This keeps the comparisons within the scope of recreational rebreather diving. He compared the following algorithms: Suunto Fused RGM – found in the DX watch-sized CCR computer Gradient Factors – AP Projection VPM-B – V-Planner DCAP – Poseidon WeDive VGM – VR Proplanner Comparisons were made using some commonly used settings as described below: Suunto Fused RGM at five available settings Gradient Factors as recommend from the AP Inspiration Vision manual 90/95, 50/90 and 15/85 VPM-B settings of 0 and +2 DCAP in Poseidon WeDive app replicates the Poseidon MKVI actual dive data VGM carried out with zero bubble control As far as possible all other settings were kept the same, such as descent and ascent rates etc. The following data is intended as a guide only and should be individually verified. The setpoint for 15m and shallower has been left at 0.7 bar and switches to 1.3 bar at 18m as might be expected for actual dives.


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Suunto Provides Computers for Team Sedna

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Diving the D4i Novo Computer

D4i Novo Blue Perspective - Diving Depth MetricI’ve been a Suunto Brand Ambassador for many years and have been using their products for more than two decades. I’ve always been a fan of quality and reliability for documenting my expeditions to extreme environments. Suunto has provided team divers with their flagship D4i Novo computer. This popular design offers lightweight functionality with optional air integration, all in the size of a wrist watch. At the heart of every Suunto dive computer is a mathematical algorithm that keeps track of the diver’s decompression status. The reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM) algorithm was developed by Suunto together with Dr. Bruce Wienke for well over a decade. This adaptable algorithm provides an accurate picture of what’s happening in the body throughout a dive and its reliability has been proven by millions of successful dives.

Suunto dive watches are easily downloadable to PCs and Macs and data can be stored and repurposed using their free DM4 software. With the diver’s permission, this data can also be populated on the movescount.com website and shared through social networks as desired.


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Suunto Gives Direction to Team Sedna

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The Ambit 2S Sport Watch

suunto-ambit2-s-white-hr-l-1Suunto has provided Team Sedna with Ambit 2S GPS fitness watches to track our journey through the Arctic. These advanced devices are used by athletes around the world to track their fitness, journeys and adventures. This particular version of the Ambit is specially designed to fit women’s narrower wrists yet provides full features of the watch. The Ambit has become an open source craze among computer savvy athletes. The data can be repurpose using community shared apps. Clever programmers have created apps such as a cupcake counter, letting a runner know how many cupcakes they have burned off. Other more serious apps help swimmers, triathletes, cyclists plan their training for events and life goals.

Sedna swimmers will gather heart rate data, GPS location, speed and duration in the water. We’ll be using the movescount.com website to log date and shout it out to the world.

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Route Planning

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Ambit 2S and Movescount.com

SEDNAGoogleEarthI have been playing with my Suunto Ambit 2S and Movescount.com to look ahead at my route for the next month. Using the tools in Movescount, I created a route and saved it as a .kml file. In Google Earth I could open the file and then view the full route. It looks like I will have over 15,000 km of travel ahead. That may seem like quite a bit, but considering I completed almost 7,000 on a bicycle last summer, it should be a piece of cake! Planes, cars, boats, underwater scooters and swimming will make up this incredible journey. I will be blogging regularly and posting as soon as the internet allows! Adventures ahead!

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Tracking Our Journey

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Team Sedna to Use Suunto Ambit 2S

Suunto has provided the Sedna EPIC Expedition team members with Ambit 2S sport watches. These cool devices were the first GPS watches to combine cutting edge outdoor and training features with thousands of sports apps that can be downloaded and activated by the user. This particular model was specially designed to fit women’s slim wrists, making it comfortable and easy to use as a traditional watch too. This product is platform built to bring your dreams to life. The raw data contains endless possibilities for use with custom apps. For our project, we’ll use the GPS feature to track our journey and post daily updates about the continuing relay swims we conduct on the project. We’ll also be gathering interesting data on heart rate in this challenging environment.