Efficiently Pre-Breathing the Hollis Explorer

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Explorer Pre Breathe  7661When preparing the Explorer rebreather you will eventually reach the point where you are prompted to complete a pre-breathe. If you have difficulties getting through the five-minute sequence, try this tip. Begin by exhaling into the counterlungs until full, then start your pre-breathe in a safe seated position. By launching the sequence with “dirty air,” the unit will quickly jump into action to raise the PO2 and you will easily work through the pre-breathe without getting timed-out for inadequate ventilations. If you want to speed up your pre-dive check, add an optional CO2 sensor and watch the sequence shorten to one minute!


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Using the Hollis SE500 Regulators for Sidemounting

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Hollis SE500 P9080289lI often get remarks from divers inquiring about my SE500 side exhaust regulators. I’ve always been a fan of this design, having owned similar Oceanic Omega regs since the late 1980s. Rather than clipping the regs in place, I store them in a bungee loop on the shoulder of my SMS75 Sidemount Harness. They are quick to deploy and lay very flat. The purge will never activate in high flow caves and they breathe like a dream.

I’m a fan of upright SPGs as long as they lay snug against my chest or are nestled against the clavicle region. Tank valves hang in place in the bungee loops without the need for a clip. I add a safety clip around the tank neck for deep open water applications. My tanks fit inline with my body with the top of the valve right in the armpit. Streamlining is maximized and range of motion is fully optimized.

You might notice that I have two very small weights on the shoulders of my harness. I could get away without the weight in Florida’s fresh water, but it really helps nail my trim just right. Jill Hollis P9080380l


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$1500 Training Credit for PRISM2 Buyers

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Dive Rite In Scuba is offering an exciting promotion this month. They are offering a $1500 training credit for buyers of a PRISM2 rebreather and $1000 for training when buying an Explorer. If you want to jump in on this really terrific deal call the shop at 815-267-8400 or email  Mike@diverightinscuba.com.




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