Tech Diving with Aquanauts

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Peter Seupel from Aquanauts Grenada prepares his rebreather on the bench of one of his well appointed  Newton dive boats. As he and his partner near completion of their gear, he beckons one of his surface support team to the back of the boat. “Get the rebreather checklist,” he asks the young man. Immediately, I feel comforted, noting that he is a diligent role model when it comes to technical diving. The staff member reads off a series of prompts and each diver double checks critical components. I often get a sense of a diving operation from the very first interaction. When an operator asks for my certification card and walks me through their liability forms, then I know that they care about the details. I know that nobody is exempt from the culture of safety. Seeing the owner including himself in that procedure tells me we are going to have a very good day!

We drop onto the BiancaC and quickly descend to her stern to photograph the large propeller. This is a drift dive, so we don’t need to worry about returning in the rather stiff current. We follow Peter to view a large hole in the side of the hull and masts that now lay on the sea floor. The visibility isn’t stellar today, but the BiancaC never disappoints. Her hull is a mosaic of color and texture and you could certainly spend hours just sitting in one place.

Our second dive of the day is on another wreck, the Shakem. We’ve heard that many divers find this to be their favorite site and we’re glad to have a bit more time on this shallower wreck.  Schools of butterfly fish and creole wrasse trickle down like rain and I am pursued by a small school that has found an affinity with my feet. The top of the wreck is covered with a red coral that is sprouting white blossoms that look like snow flakes. The intact wreck is in view from stem to stern. Is this visibility is lower than usual, I can’t imagine a perfect day!

When we return to the boat, Joe is sporting the biggest grin of the week. A wreck diver at heart, he gets excited about getting a little rust on his suit.

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iPhone and LenzO Combine to Capture Colors of the Reef

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EcoDiveiPhoneIMG_1265lwmI landed from a red eye flight arriving in Grenada for breakfast. Marine Biologist Christine Finney from Eco Dive Grenada got us right out for two dives in the afternoon visiting the underwater Sculpture Park and Flamingo Bay. Both sites reside in the marine preservation area and as a result are very “fishy.” I experimented with the Lenzo housing for the iPhone and got surprisingly good results!

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park is a collection of underwater art created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. In May 2006 it opened with an aim to engage local people with the underwater environment using life casts of people of the local community. He installed concrete figures onto the ocean floor, mostly consisting of a range of human forms, from solitary individuals to a ring of children holding hands, facing into the oceanic currents. They are continually transforming as artificial reefs.

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#ExpeditionGrenada Begins!

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detailed_map_of_grenadaHappy Canada Day! I’ll be spending the holiday in the air flying from Toronto, connecting through Trinidad and Tobago and will arrive at dawn to prepare for immediate diving in the warm waters of Grenada.

Grenada lies in the south end of the Caribbean Sea just northwest of Trinidad and Tobago and northeast of Venezuela. The “Island of Spice” is famous for nutmeg and mace crops, but we’re heading there for adventure diving and beautiful turquoise water. The volcanic origins of the island mean the soil is rich, the terrain is mountainous and rivers and waterfalls make is a stunning landscape. Stay tuned for adventures that begin tomorrow!



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Expedition Grenada Lunches July 1, 2016

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Join explorer Jill Heinerth and PodDiver Radio broadcaster Joe Cocozza as we explore the adventurous side of Grenada and Carriacou. We’ll be sampling fine diving and enjoying the culinary treats of the Spice Islands. If you want an insider’s guide to visiting this beautiful Caribbean paradise, then follow us on Expedition Grenada beginning July 1, 2016.

Stay tuned here on this site. 

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