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Role models like you are invaluable, in my opinion, to everyone but definitely also to the countless young girls and young ladies I see who have science, ocean and active outdoor film-related interests, to continue to encourage women pursuing these interests, talents and careers. Thanks for all you do!

Ben Meyer

Your “We Are Water” presentation was beautifully produced , down-to-earth, visually exciting and - I thought - the finest presentation of the evening.

Stan Waterman

The world's perception of our sport is evolving. We are on a scientific journey and are not just a bunch of adrenaline junkies looking for a thrill. Jill is the perfect spokesperson for just that reason.

George Rice

We’re thrilled to have Jill Heinerth presenting, she is one of the most inspiring divers of our generation.

Patti Clarkson, Analox

More people have been to the moon than to places that Jill Heinerth has explored deep inside our watery planet. A world class technical diver and filmmaker, Jill’s extraordinary path from under Antarctic icebergs to tropical blue holes is proof that real life is far more exciting than fiction.

James Cameron, Director

In all my years of radio, this is one of the most interesting interviews I have ever done.

Art Bell, Host of Midnight in the Desert

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Embracing Failure to Succeed

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Challenging The Unknown

Baltictech, Poland

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We Are Water

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