Both of my Grandfather’s served their country in the “Great Wars.” My husband served in the US Navy Seabees. These men survived their ordeals and came home appearing to be in one piece. Yet, the unseen wounds of their sacrifice are difficult for those of us that did not serve to understand. For this Remembrance Day I will reflect on those that did not come home as well as those that left a piece of their body or soul in a place of conflict. Their sacrifices are unimaginable.

There are many people that made sacrifices that are little known to Canadians; some dying in explosive sinkings on our Canadian shores in 1942. This week, my diving friends at Ocean Quest Adventures in Newfoundland will place a wreath on the Bell Island shipwrecks to recognize the sacrifice of the men who perished after their four vessels were struck by U-Boat torpedoes. The deceased and the people who were rescued will be in our hearts this week. They and the countless other departed soldiers and veterans will be treasured for their sacrifice. We shall not forget.

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