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As we celebrate National Geographic’s 125th anniversary, there have been many opportunities to recall the great adventures, discoveries, and explorations that everyone remembers and loves. But highlights of successes are only part of the story.

Sometimes an expedition can take years, even decades. Sometimes the team has to start over again. Sometimes they never even find what they were looking for in the first place.

Everything from transportation failures to disappearing trails to animals that simply never show up can throw off the best laid plans of researchers and adventurers. This month, we’re rounding up several National Geographic explorers to talk about their exciting and even cringe-worthy tales… of epic fails.

Be part of the conversation and join our LIVE Hangout on Air with tech-savvy primatologist Agustin Fuentes, risk-taker and deep-sea diver Jill Heinerth, and bat biologist Paul Racey. Get an inside look at the misadventures, missteps, and downright failures that are often a key part of a larger National Geographic stories.

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Scuba Diving in the Sahara and saving your life with dates with Jill Heinerth
Who would have thought that scuba diving in the Sahara desert was a good idea? The desert equals sand – lots and lots of sand. However, there is actually a lot of water under the Sahara desert in a giant aquifer. Explorer and cave diver Jill Heinerth undertook the expedition for network television to find out more about water and it’s role in the desert. On this episode I talk with Jill about that journey, it’s challenges under some of the harshest conditions including how to deal with sometimes not so pleasant local militias. Enjoy.

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Midnight in the Desert

November 16, 2105 – Jill conducted a 3 hours interview with syndicated late night radio host Art Bell.


Diving Bermuda Deep

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Chasing the Oracle

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Join Boyd Matson as he visit the United States Deep Caving Team exploration of Wakulla Springs where Jill Heinerth was able to go where no woman had gone before. Read story and see photos.

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