From Ron Hink

By January 21, 2018Bil Phillips

This past fall I was planning a dive trip to Cozumel and Tulum for some Cave Diving. Since I am a newbie to the cave diving, I asked and relied on my instructor/friend Brian K to make a recommendation which he kindly did by introducing me to Bil.

Our trip was cut short due to the hurricane and because of this, I had to cancel the second half of my trip (cave portion) and return to Fort Lauderdale to buckle down for the storm.

My point about Bil is….  We never met, yet he could not have been more accommodating in the many email/phone exchanges we had in the months leading up to our trip.  My wife so appreciated his efforts and completeness that she utilized him to essentially be our “go-to” person for nearly all of our travel needs while on the Yucatan. He willingly helped us with all of our arrangements except….. whale shark swim, an activity he didn’t believe in…

He was an ambassador for the sport.  He was enthusiastic to share with me the Tulum caves and to begin a relationship with yet another person new to this amazing world.  I regret never completing this trip but I am certain many share my sentiments.

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