From Migue Per from Cuba

By January 21, 2018Bil Phillips

I want to share tiny but great moments me and Patry have from him out of our trip to Cuba. I have to give you those tiny moments for not stating the obvious. Saw him not only dive but drawing the actual cave like he were on a drawing table on the most comfortable conditions was amazing. I have reviewed the videos numerous times and what he does. Tiny manners and movements are amazing.

But I want to share really small details that me and Patry lived with him.

I was getting really for the first hard working dive of the project and of my life. Bil wanted me to estimate the LRUD and write down the numbers. I had not dived in a cave for 2 year. I had all the gear on me and I just soaking what I was about to do. I had this moment of weakness and started to put out excuses like I had never done it and I was a lefty (Bil was a lefty too is I remember well I harder to write with your left for sure you have to curve the hand and go over what you are writing) I just speaking to myself but Bil was in front of me and he told me, “That’s no excuse Migue,” but the way he said it, the way my name sounded makes me conscious, ” Of course is no excuse” and that was the first time I ever wrote in a cave thanks to Bil…..

The other memory impacted in Patry an I because it states part of the cave diver spirit. You have to be self sufficient on any situation. Bil was trying to pull up the zipper of the suit but it was really stuck. Patry offered to help him but he said ” I got it,” the threw the strand attached to the end of the zipper around an small tree and pulled upward releasing the zipper. But he did it in such easy way that only someone fully into something on the smallest detail could have done it like that. Like an old magician that knows all the tricks of the business…. That is what Bil was …..

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