From Christophe le Maillot

By January 21, 2018Bil Phillips

It has been a shock indeed about Bil. He will be greatly missed, and my thought goes out to Bil’s family, Sabine of course, and all of his friends.

A lot of good memories of diving and exploring together in Ox Bel Ha in the early years for G.E.O (Grupo de Exploracion Ox Bel Ha), and so many fantastic moments shared at base camp especially in the evenings discussing the day of exploration, or all the excitement about the next, and where we would realistically really end up going.

For a few years, we worked together, and among other friends in a local Diveshop in Akumal where we spent countless hours fixing gear, developing sidemount harnesses and techniques, and always talking about the next exploration.

Bil was a tremendous explorer, passionate about all aspects of cave diving, and very talented in the water, and will always be remembered as the most prolific cave explorer in Q.Roo Mexico.


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