Your book arrived yesterday. WOW! Bravo! Well done. This should be the primer all instructors, dive shops, and manufacturers should hand to potential rebreather divers. Frankly, it is monumental.

Joel Silverstein, Technical Dive Training Pioneer

I just wanted to say I love your work. Your total commitment to protecting and informing the public about the importance of water on our planet, is so awe inspiring.

Micah Evans

I'm generally a bit of a skeptic and not easily moved by documentaries but "We Are Water" affected me and has pushed me to take a critical look at my own way of life.

Bob Bonner, Toronto


Polar Medal – Presented by Canada’s Governor General 2017
Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences – NOGI Award for Sports and Education
Tom Zanes Award – NSS Film Salon – Best of Show – Abaco Blue Holes Film Series 2017
Celebrated as one of Canada 150’s Women – 2017
Ocean Wise’s First Ocean Champion – 2017
Inaugural Explorer in Residence – Royal Canadian Geographical Society
NAUI Environmental Enrichment Award 2015
Inducted to the College of Fellows – Royal Canadian Geographical Society 2014
Inaugural Royal Canadian Geographical Society Medal for Exploration 2013
Oztek Media Excellence Award for Significant Contributions to Technical and Exploration Diving – Australia 2013
Florida Lakes Management Society’s Scott Driver Award 2013 – presented to an “activist” who has promoted the restoration, protection and/or appreciation of Florida’s aquatic resources.
Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival – Best of Show – We Are Water 2013
NSS Film Salon – We Are Water – Honorable Mention 2013
Our World Underwater – Distinguished Service Award 2013
Scuba Diving Magazine and ORIS Watches Sea Hero of the Year Award 2012
Boston Sea Rovers Diver of the Year 2012
Wyland ICON Award 2011
Conservation Award – National Association of Cave Divers 2010
Keen Footwear – STAND Award for environmental photography with a call to action
Real Sobriety film has won a Storyteller award from the Redemptive Film Festival and an Accolade Award
The Water’s Journey Series has received: Wild and Scenic Film Festival –The River Returns Featured Selection, Japanese International Wildlife Film Festival – Featured Selection, Davey Award – Silver 2005, Insight Award – Award of Excellence 2005, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival – Best Documentary 2005, International “Deffie” for the Best HD Documentary 2004, CINE Golden Eagle – 2004, Gold Aurora Award 2003, Finalist Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2003, Crystal Reel Winner – Best Educational Film 2003, Explorer’s Club Film Festival – Best Exploration Film 2002, NSS Best of Show 2003, ISC Best Conservation Film 2009
SSI Platinum Pro Diver Award 2007
Santa Fe Film Festival – Ice Island Featured Selection
Florida Moving Image Archive – Finalist 2003
Fellow of the National Speleological Society (NSS) 2000
Inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame 2000
Canadian Technical Diver of the Year 2000
1998 Women’s world record for deep cave penetration
1988 Murray G. Ross Award – highest honor for York University graduate
1988 Emily Stowe Award for Academic Excellence
1986 Alumni Silver Jubilee Scholarship
1985 & 86 Prize for Most Outstanding Contribution to College Life
1985 Athlete of the Year – Bethune College


Books and DVDs

The Essentials of Cave Diving – 3rd Edition, Book 2017
Underwater Video for Scuba Divers – print edition 2016
Chester the Manatee and Very, Very, Terribly Bad Itch Book 2014
Underwater Video for Scuba Divers eBook 2014
Women Underwater, Book release in 2014
The Basics of Rebreather Diving, Book 2014
Explorer Rebreather Diving – DVD 2013
PRISM2 Rebreather Diving – DVD 2013
Sidemount Diving – DVD 2012
Side Mount Profiles, Book 2010
The Essentials of Cave Diving, Book 2010
Digital Underwater Photography, Book 2010
Cave Diving Articles and Opinions, 2009
Women Underwater, magazine – 1997-2000
The Encyclopedia of Caves, 2011 NSS
Technical Diving from the Bottom Up – Kevin Gurr 2010
The Six Skills and Other Discussions – Steve Lewis 2011
Jill Heinerth – Underwater Explorer – Book for Young Readers 2013 – Heinemann Press
Underwater Explorer – National Park Service – Junior Ranger Program 2013
Global Chorus: A 365-Person Anthology of Worldwide Concern and Enduring Hope – Todd MacLean, 2014
Proceeding of Rebreather Forum Conference 3.0, published 2014, Divers Alert Network
Diving in Darkness – Martyn Farr, 2006
Photography to numerous academic papers and journals.
Diver Magazine – Final Cut

Articles and Features

Photographs and writing published in High Def, Wend, American Cinematographer, Markee, Skin Diver, Sport Diver, Southern Diver, Scuba Diving, Immersed, Nitrox Diver, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Underwater Speleology, Asian Diver, Dive Girl, American Surveyor, Marine Biodiversity, DIVER, Live Science, Advanced Diver, Undersea Journal, Dykking, Tauchen, 9/90, London Times, NY Post, London Daily News, VW Driver, Deep (China), WEND and countless newspapers.

Exploration work has been covered by Sports Illustrated for Women, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Undersea Journal, Canadian Geographic, National Geographic Explorer TV, Discovery Channel, A&E and others.

Contributed to the development and review of training materials for PADI, Diving Science and Technology (DSAT), the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) and Rebreather Association of International Divers (RAID) and has consulted to NOAA and the US Navy regarding rebreather diving activities.


One Strange Rock - National Geographic

Underwater DP for shooting sequences in caves and ocean in Andros and Abaco, Bahamas. Airing 2018.

Digital Preservation Proejct - National Geographic

Documentarian shooting stills and video and creating educational media for this National Geographic Expedition.

Expedition Grenada

Online expedition media for the Department of Tourism, Grenada.

We Are Water Ride

6500 km bicycle expedition to promote water literacy – 2013 

National Geographic - Cuba

Exploration, survey and documentation of underwater caves and the paleo remains that lie within. Photographer, video, 3D imagery.

Projecto Azores

Online expedition, video and photography mission to Sao Miguel and Sant Maria, Azores. #ProjectoAzores Swim with Mobilas

Dive Magazine Article with photos by Jill

Christmas Island Cave Exploration Project

Christmas Island Cave Exploration Project – National Geographic 2013 – Exploration Diver and Cinematographer (first exploration of submerged caves on island, searching for and documenting unique cave adapted life)

Vice Media

Toxic: America’s Water Crisis – Presenter – Vice Media

PRISM2 Rebreather Training Videos

PRISM2 Rebreather Training Videos – Hollis – Director/Cinematographer

National Geographic - Chasing the Oracle

Chasing the Oracle – Expedition Leader, National Geographic Expedition’s Council 2012 (Explorer’s Club Flag #61 – Following the path of Alexander the Great across the Western Desert of Egypt to the Libyan border exploring oases springs in search of archaeology, caves and story about Nubian Aquifer)

NOAA - Bermuda Deep Caves Project

Bermuda Search for Deep Caves Project – NOAA 2011 Deep Exploration Diver and Documentarian (conducted deepest manned dives in Bermuda’s history to 460 fsw documenting former sea level stands and searching for caves).

Learn More.

Goliath Grouper

French Television Special – Underwater Cinematographer

Blue Canyons Proejct

Acklins Blue Canyons Project – Exploration Diver 2011 (Explored, surveyed and photographed over 8000 feet of virgin underwater caves).

Sidemount Diving Training Film

Sidemount Diving – HPI – Director/Cinematographer – Purchase here.

Ben's Vortex

Ben’s Vortex – Director/DP

Into The Unknown - Honda

Into The Unknown – Honda, Ondi Timoner Director – Presenter, UW Camera

Watch this version.

Naked Earth

Naked Earth – Caves Sequence – BBC – Underwater DP

We Are Water

DP/Producer (Long term educational mission and multimedia outreach project)


DP/Producer – Documentary

Extreme Cave Diving - NOVA

Extreme Cave Diving – Associate Producer, Technical Dive Specialist, Underwater Grip, 2nd Underwater Camera – NOVA

Watch Here.

Diving the Labyrinth - National Geographic

Diving the Labyrinth – Associate Producer, Technical Dive Specialist, Underwater Grip, 2nd Underwater Camera – NGCI

Blue Holes: Diving the Labyrinth – Associate Producer, Technical Dive Specialist, Underwater Grip, 2nd Underwater Camera – NGTI

NTV Japan

This Century’s Most Significant Human Endeavors – Presenter, Underwater Camera, –  NTV Japan

History Channel

Strange Rituals – Wilderness Warriors – History Channel


Real Sobriety

Real Sobriety – Director / Editor / DP – Heinerth Productions Inc.

Rent or buy here. Watch trailer.

Buy on Amazon.

Water's Journey - TV Asahi Japan

Water’s Journey (Japanese) – Line Producer, Underwater Grip, 2nd Underwater Camera – TV Asahi

Into The Lava Dome

Into the Lava Dome – Heinerth Productions Inc. (Exploration of Lanzarote’s Monte Corona volcanic lava tubes which submerge beneath the ocean)

BBC Oceans

BBC Oceans – Underwater Grip – BBC

Water's Journey Series - PBS

Water’s Journey – Everglades: Currents of Change – Producer, Writer – PBS

Water’s Journey – Everglades: Restoring Hope – Producer, Writer – PBS

Water’s Journey – The River Returns – Producer, Writer – PBS

Watch Short Version of The River Returns

Water’s Journey – Hidden Rivers of Florida – Producer, Writer

Watch Videos Here and view the educational website

Spirit of the Ichetucknee

Spirit of the Ichetucknee – Producer, Writer

Ice Island - National Geographic

Ice Island – Producer, Co-writer, Exploration Diver, Safety Director – National Geographic / Bill Kurtis Productions Inc. (Lead dive team in first ever exploration of iceberg caves using closed circuit rebreathers)

Protecting Florida's Springs

Protecting Florida’s Springs – Producer

National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer – Exploration Diver, Project Organizer

Underwater Camera – Mapping the Labyrinth – NG Television

US Deep Caving Team Wakulla2 Project 1997-98 – Exploration diver (Women’s world record for deep cave penetration, exploring and documenting Wakulla Springs on dives exceeding 21 hours run time)

Surviving the Worst

Surviving the Worst – Segment Producer – Alligator Attack, Shark Attack – Fox Television


Dreamchasers – Associate Producer, Underwater Lighting – Cave Diving Episode – Diplomatic TV – A&E

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Underwater Lighting & Safety – Discovery Channel and Green Umbrella Productions

Jackson Hole Documentary Winner

Ejido Jacinto Pat Expedition

1996 (Expedition co-leader exploring with team surveying some 40,000 feet of new underwater cave)

US Deep Caving Team

Huautla Deep Cave Project – US Deep Caving Team 1995