Jill Heinerth

an extraordinary spirit of discovery


More people have walked on the moon, than have been to some of the places that Jill’s exploration has taken her right here on the earth. From the most dangerous technical dives deep inside underwater caves, to searching for never before seen ecosystems inside giant Antarctic Icebergs, to the lawless desert border area between Egypt and Libya while a civil war raged around her, Jill’s curiosity and passion about our watery planet is the driving force in her life.

Jill’s accolades include induction into the Explorer’s Club and the inaugural class of the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame. She received the Wyland ICON Award, an honor she shares with several of her underwater heroes including Jacques Cousteau, Robert Ballard and Dr. Sylvia Earle. She was named a “Living Legend” by Sport Diver Magazine and selected as Scuba Diving Magazine’s “Sea Hero of the Year 2012.”

In recognition of her lifetime achievement, Jill was awarded the inaugural Medal for Exploration. Established by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the medal recognizes singular achievements and the pursuit of excellence by an outstanding Canadian explorer.

With her recent project, the “We Are Water Project”, she has produced a documentary film, a live presentation and interactive web resources to help lead an educational effort for everyday behavioral changes that will lead to greater access to and preservation of our endangered fresh water resources. In support of this effort, Jill and husband Robert McClellan rode their bicycles 4,300 miles across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland in 2013, meeting people and through presentations to groups large and small, spread the message of “Water Literacy.” Her website www.IntoThePlanet.com provides links to her exploration and water advocacy efforts.

Jill is an industry expert in the use of closed-circuit rebreathers.  She is frequently called upon by manufacturers and international training agencies to assist in the development of new technologies and training materials. Her RebreatherPro.com blog attracts a large and loyal audience.

Jill Heinerth is in demand as a professional keynote speaker, workshop leader and facilitator at international conferences and corporate gatherings. She is a thought leader and risk assessment expert in the field of exploration and extreme expeditions.

Jill is a regular contributor and video expert for DIVER magazine and her photography and writing have been featured in prominent magazines and major newspapers around the world. She is the author of numerous books on cave diving and underwater photography.

Born in Canada, Jill lives with her husband Robert, in North Florida, where she starts most days with a refreshing swim in the clear water of her local spring.

A Remarkable Life


Jill is a proud ambassador for: